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Smartac is a personal accounting software product that runs on a specially designed USB chip providing mobility and a range of unique features to its users. It is targeted towards small and medium scale businesses in Indian region that are looking for a highly secured and versatile solution for their accounting needs.

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Sitepump is Web 2.0 SaaS (software as a service) startpage solution that helps web portals to retain / attract visitors, enterprises to boost productivity and high trafficked sites to make ‘my’ portals. We provide white label customized version of to our customers for various reasons. Depending on our customer’s needs, Polythought can host and manage the entire solution on its premises or it can provide the same solution on perpetual license basis. Sitepump is thoroughly tested and works with all major browsers such as IE6+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +, Apple Safari and Opera.

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CoregWeaver is a powerful lead generation platform that lets you build various types of co-registration campaigns, run them across the affiliate networks and ultimately helps you monetize consumer information. It allows you to build and run following types of lead generation offers with your affiliates and their sub-affiliates on a range of payout models : Custom Question, Opt-in, Incentive CPA, mid-path syndication, CPL syndication, opt-in push with JavaScript embed codes, incentivized surveys etc.

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Software Development Services

In addition to its unique product offerings, Polythought offers software development services to help you benefit from our expertise in building great software applications. Polythought has acquired years of experience in making softwares so you can rely on us for successful completion of your software offering in a given time. It doesn’t matter if your project is small or big – The passion of Polythought remains same for all project sizes.

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  • Senior .Net Developers (multiple positions)
  • Junior .Net Developers (multiple positions)
  • Sales Executives (multiple positions)

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