What is it?

Sitepump is Web 2.0 SaaS (software as a service) startpage solution that helps web portals to retain / attract visitors, enterprises to boost productivity and high trafficked sites to make ‘my’ portals. We provide white label customized version of sitepump.com to our customers for various reasons. Depending on our customer’s needs, Polythought can host and manage the entire solution on its premises or it can provide the same solution on perpetual license basis. Sitepump is thoroughly tested and works with all major browsers such as IE6+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 +, Apple Safari and Opera.

Pumping the web in and out

Sitepump is a tool that aims to be the gateway for its users’ digital lifestyle management every time when they log on to internet. By using Sitepump, one can aggregate her/his favorite blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, email services, social networks, photos, web clips, videos, notes, ToDo lists, search engines and much more at one place. In addition to the usual stuff, our enterprise customers can make their own gadgets and can provide personalized experience to their users by utilizing our integration API.

Integration with your existing site and bringing your stuff

Sitepump provides two APIs in order to expand its horizon.

Integration API: Enterprise customers can use integration API to seamlessly integrate their version of sitepump with their existing web properties. To avoid privacy related issues, our integration API doesn’t require you to share any personally identifiable information of your users with us.

Gadget API: Users of Sitepump.com and our enterprise customers (or their users) can build new gadgets (those square boxes!) using our gadget API. Gadget API allows you to consume data in all major formats.

Gadget Directory

To help users find good stuff from internet, we have collected over 4000+ gadgets in our gadget directory that includes Feeds, Podcasts, Events, and Flash widgets. We are continuously working to add wide range of varieties for users of sitepump.com and users of our enterprise customers.