Feature List



Whitelabel - From head to toe

Right from the first page to every corner of your start page will have your brand name - there won't be any reference of Sitepump in your setup from us. With our brand management tool, you can even set your naming conventions for your version. As an example, we call a particular section 'Gadget Directory' on sitepump.com but you may want to call it 'Widget Repository' on your version - Doable!

Open ID support - Lots of users!

Users can sign in (without registering) with their existing Gmail, Yahoo, AIM, Wordpress, LiveJournal or Typepad usernames and passwords. This simply means millions of users can access your start page just like a registered user without sharing their personal information.

Themes & Wallpapers - Gorgeousness

Choose any of inbuilt themes we have made or you can make a new theme for your users using our custom theme tool. Use any of our inbuilt wallpapers or load more from admin panel.

Gadget Direcotory and Gadget Management - Content is the king.

To help your users find the gadget they are looking for, we have over 4000+ gadgets which includes feeds, podcasts, events, flash widgets etc. Your users can also submit new gadgets and share them with other users.

Variety of inbuilt gadgets for your users

RSS Feeds

  • Add feeds - RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 or Atom format.
  • Import OPML file.
  • Search for RSS Feeds using our inbuilt RSS search tool
  • Add podcasts and play them withour inbuilt podcast player
  • Inbuilt RSS reader for power users.

Web Clip

Your users can clip their favorite sections of any site and store them on your start page so they don't have to visit their favorite websites everyday to see the special section they like!

Embed Codes and Flash widgets

Your users can embed flash codes or javascript codes to access their favorite widgets at one place. Just think about your users having an ability to store their faorite videos on your start page from youtube's millions of videos OR storing their 10 favorite casual flash games on your start page from thousand of games available accross the internet.

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, Live, Wikipedia
Technorati, Google, Wikio, FeedSter, BlogLines, IceRocket
Flickr, Google, Live, Webshots, Yahoo, Pixy
Youtube, Metacafe, 5Min, Revver, DailyMotion, Google

Custom Applications

– Keep track of multiple items for selling and bidding.
– Keep track of friends' status messages and updates.
– Find listings from this famous classified site.
– Compare traffic statistics for up to 5 URLs.
– Check out emails from Gmail, AOL or any webmail – POP3 or IMAP
– Post and retrieve tweets from friends.
– Check out current time at all major cities around the world in one gadget.
– Keep track of events happening around current location.
– Shows weather forecast based on location
– Make sticky notes for saving random information.
– Save multiple ToDo lists and access them anywhere.
– Have favorite sites at your fingertips or import them from IE / Firefox / Del.icio.us to access them anywhere.
– Store up to 5 iCal URLs in one Calendar gadget to keep track on events

Money etc

Manage Ads

To help you monetize your branded start page, we provide inbuilt Ad pushing system for RSS feeds. You can insert text ads in RSS feeds. Also, you can set preferences for Ads such as 'push one ad per 3 stories' etc. To help you gauge performance of Ads and advertisers, detailed reporting is provided in admin panel.

Manage Announcements

Not all of your users can find out different features we have to offer and sometimes you may need to educate / send your message across the board. We have inbuilt announcement management tool that lets you push your message to your users.

Active User Reporting

Active user report in admin panel helps you understand activity from users.

Content Management System (CMS)

We provide inbuilt XHTML editor to let you edit static content on your start page such as 'Privacy Policy', 'Terms and conditions' etc

Feedback, Bugs and API

We provide inbuilt request management that lets you manage queries your users may have.

Sharing and growing

Your users can share your start page and its gadgets with their friends via instant message or by putting your startpage's badge on their blogs / sites.