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Personal Accounting

What is it?

Smartac is a personal accounting software product that runs on a specially designed USB chip providing mobility and a range of unique features to its users. It is targeted towards small and medium scale businesses in Indian region that are looking for a highly secured and versatile solution for their accounting needs.

The Skillful

Smartac is not just accounting software - It is accounting software with twists that makes it unique among traditional accounting softwares. Smartac uses specially designed USB chip for storing information. This makes Smartac a mobile finance manager that can be carried away in your palm and can be used at multiple locations. In addition to its host of unique features, Smartac provides basic accounting functionalities which are easy to use than ever before with its intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. Smartac is blazingly fast when it comes to performance with its high speed data transfer rates powered by its memory chips.


Smartac gives powerful security features to its users allowing them to manage their financials and bookkeeping safe and intact. Though it can be used at multiple locations, Smartac doesn’t permit unknown parties to see what’s beneath its surface by forcing multiple security layers it has.