Feature List

Accounting in a chip

Smartac uses specially designed chip to store important information. Thus, it provides a secure shell for storing important data. It can be carried away in hands with an ability to access it from multiple locations.

Accounting Features

  • Voucher Entry: Credit, Debit, Contra, Journal Voucher
  • Ledger Report
  • Cash Report
  • Bank Report
  • Day Book
  • Journal Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Support for Multiple Companies
  • Ledgers and Groups


Auto exit: Smartac can close itself whenever you are not using it. It gives you an option to set the time limit and will start to close itself when reaching that limit. It also alerts you before closing itself to avoid loss of data.

Notes: Smartac gives an option to its two users to write agreement between each other. Those two parties can protect those agreements via secure password to avoid alteration of original document.

Role-based access: As an example, you can define if Mr. A (your data entry operator) should be able to access real data or not.

Backup and Recovery: With Smartac, taking backup and recovery of data doesn’t require technical expertise. It gives you options to take manual or automated backup in an easy to use interface and an ability to set timely backups such as weekly, monthly, on application start, on application close etc.