Sitepump comes with two APIs to help you succeed - Integration API and Gadget API. Integration API is used for connecting our solution to your property and Gadget API helps you make new gadgets consuming any outside information or 3rd party APIs.

Integration API

Integration API connects your property to our solution for both pricing models. It doesn't require you to share any personally identifiable information of your users to make a bridge. You can keep your existing site and infrastructure as it is while still benefiting from offering our solution to your users. So in other words, it doesn't matter if your solution is made in java, php, python or .net, Integration API provides seamless integration. After implementation of Integration API, you can imagine scenario described below.

  • Your users / customers / clients come to your site named 'abc.com', authenticate themselves and log into your interface.
  • Once they login, they see a link for their start page / dashboard called 'My Dashboard' (you can change name since it is your page).
  • When they click on link, you redirect them to my.abc.com which is their customizable start page / dashboard.

Note: If you don't want to authenticate them, you can redirect them straight to start page / dashboard without authenticating as well leveraging the benefit of sitepump's cookie-based user functionality. While being on their start page / dashboard in cookie mode, they can come back to your site via sign in link or registration link controllable from admin panel.

Gadget API

Gadget API is our JavaScript framework that lets you build gadgets consuming any outside information in XML, JSON, or Text. It means you can build gadgets around information stored in your databases or you can build gadgets using popular 3rd party APIs.

Sample Gadgets made with Gadget API

  • Nasdaq

  • Mixx

  • Yelp