Who should use?

Web Portals and Social Networks

In this fiercely competitive web era, you need to provide some kind of unique experience to your visitors or customers to stand out from rest of the crowd - That’s where Sitepump comes. We can provide that unique touch your site requires at affordable price.


Dashboard is an age old term and dashboards of corporations are getting older. Sitepump can be the new dashboard for your business that can show virtually anything you want on your people’s monitors. It gives them the power to go beyond traditional way of consuming information and allows them to stay ahead of the curve.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

ISPs have access to large existing user base as a service provider but they usually fail to monetize that user base from their web properties due to limited resources or hassles associated in making a niche site. Sitepump can build your powerful ‘My’ portal in few weeks to enhance existing experience for your users and you can imagine your customers paying service charges while they watch today’s funniest video everyone is talking about.


The traditional media is seeing the change these days in how people want to consume the information. Your current site may have the fresh news but your visitors want something more on your site such as their favorite blogs, games they play online, photos of their kids, horoscope, quotes or may be all major search engines. Sitepump can satisfy today’s information hungry visitors and convert them to be your newspaper subscribers by providing customized solution where you may want to show your news only on default page and keep rest of the pages open for visitors so they can add their favorite stuff.


Sitepump can greatly help other businesses more than we could mention here. If you are interested in knowing how Sitepump can help your business, please don't hesitate to contact us at 561-228-4046 or email us