Lead Generation

What is it?

Coregweaver is a powerful lead generation platform that lets you build various types of co-registration campaigns, run them across the affiliate networks and ultimately helps you monetize consumer information. It allows you to build and run following types of lead generation offers with your affiliates and their sub-affiliates on a range of payout models : Custom Question, Opt-in, Incentive CPA, mid-path syndication, CPL syndication, opt-in push with JavaScript embed codes, incentivized surveys etc.

Targeting and Validation

To maximize the profits, Coregweaver offers compelling targeting options that let you present the right offer to right consumer at right time based on her/his registration information. Coregweaver validates the information before sending it to advertiser in any required format at anytime. With its response piping technique, based on user’s input for the second offer in a survey of 20 offers, Coregweaver can make decision whether to show or not show the 10th offer.

Weaving Technology

Unlike traditional lead generation platforms, Coregweaver lets you monetize the already coded offers by giving variety of distribution options without going through hassles. As an example, you can have an incentivized survey running under your brand and at the same time, you can run that survey as mid-path syndication with a high-traffic site on revshare model. If you wish, you can also run each offers individually (taking them out-of-survey) with different publishers on a range of payout models.


Coregweaver can manage a queue of autoresponders after validating user’s input on each data point it collects. Giving you an example in layman’s terms, you can send a series of autoresponders at a given time in future to the user who has answered ‘yes’ to the question if he is prone to diabetes due to heredity.