Who should use?

Advertising Networks

To maximize the benefits for advertisers and publishers at the same time is the key for any ad network to win. More and more ad networks are facing competition due to sophisticated technology advancement from big companies. Advertising Networks can use Coregweaver to become their own advertisers for some of their ad inventory and drive maximum value to publishers in return. Polythought can work together with an ad network as its lead generation arm and ultimately creates win-win situation for everybody.

Affiliate Networks

Your affiliates need bigger payout everyday and you are trying hard working with lead generation agencies to prove your numbers. In this unique situation, Polythought can help you become your own lead generation agency by providing a solid background it has in lead generation and you can drive that benefit to your affiliates. By having direct access to high profile affiliates and a stable lead generation arm, no lead generation company can put you in a weird situation.

Lead Generation Agencies

A lead generation company can have 5 exclusive offers but due to technological limitations, those 5 exclusive offers would be capped out by some other lead generation company. That leaves a narrow margin and manual labor of managing leads for you in the last. With Polythought's Coregweaver, either you can run those 5 exclusives in various ways on the web or you can provide your own posting instructions to other lead generation companies by being a middle source to collect, distribute and manage data for resell.

Email Publishers

Generally speaking, email publishers try to find the good offers from affiliate networks to maximize their profits. This process itself is not very transparent due to cut involved from affiliate networks. Email publishers can use Coregweaver to run exclusive lead generation campaigns they have access to and can gain maximum return for their efforts. This process also helps them in building vertical email lists benefiting future email campaigns.


We believe Coregweaver can help many entities in various formats more than we have mentioned here. If you think you have an idea that can be executed by Coregweaver, we would love to hear from you.

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